Friday, January 6, 2012

Unforgettable Vacation...

New Year's Eve Party =D
Now that it's the end of the winter break, i began to realize that this vacation was an amazing one even though i didn't travel anywhre, I had so much fun with my friends in Cairo. At the beginning of the vacation i was very mad because i didn't go with my friends to Dahab, because my father said that it was not safe. Yes, that is true. It was not safe at all but because i'm very stubborn i didn't agree with him. Let's just skip this part because it's annoying, and head to the part where I had fun. As I wrote my night in the church on my very first post on the blog, i would like to remind you of that amazing night with my friends, very random friends, some are my sister's friends and other are common friends that we know from Alexandria. Anyway, that was one of the amazing nights of my vacation. I can also add to my amazing nights, the new year's eve party. This was also an unforgettable night with my friends, where everyone was happy and dancing, and everyone counting down to start a new year, and to new beginnings, was such an amazing feeling. I really wish I could go back in time and spend this night over and over again. That's why i could actually say that I had so much fun in my winter break, but now it's time to study! :(

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