Monday, January 23, 2012

My New Year's resolution !

What I am going to say right now might sound weird to many of you, but I’m just saying the truth, I've never done a new year's resolution before. Because I didn't believe that by just writing some of my goals on a paper I could really change my life.

But after all the experiences that I had in my life I began to understand what the idea of a new year’s resolution is and why it is something important for approximately everyone. I guess the people who do New Year’s resolutions every year are BELIEVERS; they believe that by writing down these things they can actually make them real. After reading the secret I understood what believing is and why it’s important in everyone’s life so I was really inspired by this thought.

That’s why I decided to do for the first time in my whole life to create a new year’s resolution. But my new year’s resolution was a very unique one because it only had one thing; this thing is that I wanted to become a BELIEVER. Believe in the things that I want to happen, that’s a successful and easy and quick way to get what you want.  Maybe what I just said might sound complicated to you but it’s not complicated at all. Wish you all the best year ever! :D

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  1. Love your idea of becoming a BELIEVER. I do believe it's difficult to BELIEVE in many things, especially the abstract things that we can't truly explain or describe.

    Love having you in my class. And I've enjoyed reading your posts!