Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Time? What a big word! When we say the word time we think it’s something that passes and that’s it, but after a while we realize that it has a really big importance because we can never go back in time. Time is something that passes and never comes back, it’s impossible. That’s why time management is something that is really important in everyone’s life. Every person on earth, young, old, boy or girl must plan his life, must plan every minute and every second because every second counts.  Some people say that we should let time pass by without even premeditate what we are going to do, because if we plan every second in our life we will have a very tough life. But I think that this is not true, because every person should manage their time especially students like us, IB students, we always have lots of homework that me must be done in a certain period, and we must plan and manage our own time to finish all this work in this certain period. That’s why I think that time management is the best way to have the best life ever.

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